• A top global manufacturer of wireless, broadband and enterprise network solutions wanted to demonstrate their commitment to sharing their expertise regarding radio frequency (RF) networks via an online textbook
  • Hundreds of pages of highly technical notes from internal engineers and product specialists needed deep editing and adaptation for a non-technical audience
  • We provided complete editing and writing services to deliver a polished, easy-to-understand digest of the client's highly technical subject matter
  • The process included graphic callouts, extensive documentation and research, building a thorough glossary and deep-immersion education on myriad subjects to add greater value
  • We coordinated with the client and an external team of proofreaders and designers from first draft though publishing, ensuring a consistent look, feel and tone that lived up to the client's brand personality as an industry leader
  • The online textbook was released on time to great acclaim from the client's customers, and offered as a premium in a professionally printed edition
  • It has also become a high-profile element of the client's online arsenal as a downloadable app
  • The online edition yields 30,000 page views from more than 70 countries monthly, averages 63 visitors a day, and demonstrates a bounce rate of just 3.8%