• A top global manufacturer of wireless, broadband and enterprise network solutions saw an opportunity to assert thought leadership on the critical topic of energy efficiency
  • Where most of the client's solutions featured specific product sets, the energy efficiency campaign drew from multiple product types – a divergence from their comfort zone The various products involved in the solution meant addressing communications to similarly diverse, discipline-specific subsets of the broader audience of wireless network operators
  • We assimilated the client's body of strategic thinking in order to provide solid tactical marketing creative for their initial executions, interviewing subject matter experts as needed in order to grasp the fine points of this diverse topic
  • Rapid deployment of standalone and serial communications included the development of a "top 10" approach to communicating the broad spectrum of solutions
  • We delivered the right message at the right time through precisely targeted serial e-mail blasts, banner ads, landing pages, trade show collateral and sales materials
  • Launched in September 2012, the campaign's online component earned up to 40 unique page views daily
  • Printed components and email communications drove substantial customer interest ahead of key industry shows and events, building awareness in the category
  • Six months after the campaign ended and promotion of the site ceased, the energy solutions site still receives an average of 10-15 unique page views daily