• The IT leadership team for a Fortune 300 consumer packaged goods (CPG) company saw an opportunity to reenergize IT employees around their important role in the company
  • Both external and internal pressures created a sense of urgency for the IT function to reinvent itself as a true thought leader and solutions provider within the business
  • This new strategy triggered phased organizational changes that required significant cultural and change communications across a span of 12-18 months
  • We worked with the IT leadership team to develop a simple and compelling story of the need for change that they shared with both IT employees and business partners
  • We built an infrastructure of communication processes and tools to help the leadership team consistently and credibly share information with its employees and business partners
  • We created two-way communication through Town Halls, surveys and leadership discussion guides, which helped ensure organizational changes were understood and adopted over time
  • In one year, opinion surveys indicated a 13 point increase in IT employees' belief that leadership at the company has communicated a vision of the future that motivates them
  • Recent Town Hall survey results indicated more than 80 percent of IT employees believe the Leadership Team is positioning IT to succeed