• A Fortune 200 consumer packaged goods company announced the second-largest acquisition in their 100-year history, involving 1,700 new employees and a new global brand for their portfolio
  • From leadership to management to line workers, employees had diverse information needs and unique local cultures, necessitating translations into five languages across 72 global locations
  • We had just 10 weeks between the announcement and closing to engage and unite new employees, turning anxiety into excitement, and helping them perform and acclimate quickly
  • We identified key challenges of both companies, helping to build and refine messages that conveyed key information with the requisite tone of excitement and confidence
  • We wrote and managed production of a diverse portfolio of multi-channel communications including audio and video scripts, emails, signage, banners and more to support Day One events across the world
  • As a special highlight, we coordinated with more than 70 employee reporters worldwide to collect 240+ videos and 160+ still images, which we edited overnight into an inspiring, commemorative video of the day
  • A survey after the acquisition showed that 74% of newly acquired employees felt confident the integration was going well
  • 90% of new employees felt welcome at their new company
  • 92% of new employees felt personally committed to the successful integration of the two companies
  • Ongoing work has included a well-received intranet community designed to connect new and legacy employees