• Driven entirely by employee volunteer efforts, the client's diversity-focused Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offer a powerful, grassroots platform for recruiting, coaching, mentoring and networking
  • Inconsistent processes and tools made it difficult for employees to establish new ERG chapters, or grow existing chapters
  • New chapters require a clear mission, vision, strategy and budget that align with company culture - a tall order for most employees to develop without guidance
  • In 2014, we created a step-by-step checklist that guides employees through the process of creating a new ERG, or a chapter of an existing ERG
  • An online toolkit simplified the process, empowering existing chapters and encouraging the creation of new ones
  • We applied both internal data and external benchmarking to ensure that the processes and templates were best in class
  • Launched in September 2014, the toolkit accumulated more than 500 visits, putting it in the top 15 most-visited sites on the client's extensive intranet
  • Improved access to the process resulted in the addition of four new ERG chapters in just four months
  • The client anticipates improved ranking on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity, thanks to the stronger global interaction within ERGs and the creation of new chapters that the toolkit provides